Friday, October 8, 2010

(Note: Bet the Farm Friday or (BTFF) will run every Friday with the implied assumption that a) FH2H doesn't encourage gambling, b) we only encourage sports betting where legal, AND c) there are a lot of online sportsbooks available that are ambiguous on the legality so it should be okay...wait, did I say that out loud...nevermind....moving on....)

After an atrocious string of bad luck the past few weeks, last week my picks brought us out of Gambling ICU and we have successfully made our way into the cardiac intermediate care unit. We're still not out of the woods yet, but it looks like we've made it through a quintuple bypass after a massive myocardial infarction. Thank goodness for alcohol, cigarettes, and McDonald's, otherwise we might not have had such a sparkling moment of clarity.

As far as my performance from last week, if you count the parlay as one pick (which you technically should) I went a modest 2-2. If you count the parlay as individual picks, I went 4-2. Because I, Martin Van Dawgin RUN THIS, I'm going to say I went 4-2 last week, which brings the season total to 10-9. Making that paper folks.

Now for the picks- They're in green CAUSE IT'S STRAIGHT CASH HOMIE!!!

Baylor (+1.5) vs. TEXAS TECH -- If you weren't aware, the Red Raiders lost to Iowa State last weekend by 2 touchdowns. Austen Arnaud threw 4 of the 6 TD passes he's thrown this year in that game- without throwing a pick. If you haven't seen Baylor this season you're missing the boat. Robert Griffin III is canned rage with the ball in his hands. I think Baylor scores in bakers dozens.
PICK: Baylor (+1.5)

Southern Cal vs. STANFORD (-10) -- It's pretty safe to say that Cardinal fans haven't seen a line like this in a while. USC is limping into this game after a loss at home vs. Washington but they still have a lot of quality players, especially Matt Barkley. Stanford is good, but like I said last week, too many white biomechanical engineers on the field (and I really don't like that guy that plays both ways... whatever his name is. Insert gay joke here). I'd take those points faster than a stack of pancakes conjured up by Aunt Jemima herself.
PICK: Southern Cal (+10)

Central Michigan (+21.5) vs. VIRGINIA TECH -- If you watch college football you know that Virginia Tech is not good. Offense or defense, there just isn't a lot of playmakers on either side of the ball. Ryan Williams won't play again and you all know Captain Insane-O Tyrod Taylor. Central Michigan rolls up the offense and I don't think the Hokies can keep them out of the end zone enough to cover.
PICK: Central Michigan (+21.5)

***Always remember, if you have some luck rolling with our plays, boost our already stratospheric egos and let us know!!! 

*****Or you can just take all the credit. It's probably what I'd do.

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