Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Nick Marshall Closing In On TD Record

Image Courtesy Jason Getz, AJC
If you're not familiar with 2011 football signee who doubles as a "straight balla" on the basketball court and will play SG with Mark Fox's crew, you should be. Marshall is probably one of the best athletes Georgia has ever recruited. His basketball coach, George Kennedy says of Marshall:

“Athletically, he is going to be as good as anybody gets. I started coaching in ’72 as an assistant coach on a state championship football team, and I’ve coached basketball all these years. I’ve seen some great players play and, athletically, he’s as good as anybody. They were making comparisons to him and Charlie Ward playing both. He’s just a natural athlete. If he played baseball, he would be highly sought after as a baseball player.” (Mark Weiszer, ABH)

If he's even bordering on Charlie Ward status, I'll take two. Marshall averaged almost 30 points a game on the hardwood this year and is on the precipice of breaking the state touchdown passes of 92, set by Jeremy Privett of Charlton County and Cedric Johnson of Americus. Also on this list ahead of Marshall is Middle Tennessee starting quarterback Dwight Dasher (of Charlton Co. fame as well), just one ahead with 87. 

Marshall passed another very notable name last Friday when he eclipsed Hutson Mason's total of 85 TD's. Just so you get a good idea of Nick's athleticism, the Dawgs offered him at cornerback. If you ask me, it's pretty handy to have a high school quarterback who holds the record for TD passes in Georgia and can throw it 75 yards on the run in your hip pocket.

I'm most excited about Marshall because he looks like an athlete that is also a football player. I think too many teams fall into the trap of signing "great athletes" that can't necessarily find a home on the football field. We haven't really had good luck with keeping these types of players in state as of late, (Greg Reid, Allen Bailey, etc.) but I think we've got a very underrated player in Marshall. 

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