Friday, October 22, 2010

Mike Hamilton Scores Again for Honesty and Integrity

Mike Hamilton is a really swell guy. If you like slimy, shady, creepazoid types. He and Bruce Pearl seem to have a great deal in common. If you weren't aware, Pearl has been working without a contract since October 8th. I found this over at Get the Picture, WBIR in Knoxville has obtained a letter addressed to Brucey from Hamilton dated September 9th. Some pertinent points:

  1. At LEAST four instances where Pearl blatantly violated NCAA rules, then admitted doing so to the recruits families that were being hosted and asked them to keep it under wraps.
  2. Failed to report any incident to UT Compliance in which violations occurred.
  3. Lied to NCAA investigators or omitted the truth a minimum of THREE times during his initial interview.
  4. Did not report any of the 96 impermissible phone calls made by the UT coaching staff, 34 of which were made by Pearl.
This letter accuses that his "false and misleading statements to the NCAA on June 14 were deliberate and premeditated". Considering the laundry list of highly impermissible things he did and his attempts to lie to and mislead the NCAA investigators, its pretty understandable that he's getting a new contract. 

Wait, He's getting a new contract? You heard me, Hamilton is working out a new contract with Pearl, which is about to be signed, instead of doing the right thing and canning him. If you know anything about Tennessee, you know integrity isn't their middle name and Hamilton certainly exemplifies that. He was basically forced to somehow punish Pearl and subsequently cut his salary and limited his recruiting resources. When confronted with further damning evidence, he decided it would be a good idea to sweep it under the rug for a while then negotiate a new contract for him.

I think it's hilarious when UTk fans talk about the culture change going on there and Derek Dooley in the same sentence. Derek really looks like a high character guy, especially since his refusal to shake The Hat's hand. Tennessee got what it deserved when Kiffin bolted for greener pastures. I don't blame him. Even though Hamilton and Cheek found "that (Pearl) engaged in gross misconduct, including dishonesty and other acts of intolerable behavior" they were still able to stomach the "intolerable behavior" just enough to sign him until 2015. It's laughable.

The culture at Tennessee comes right from the top. As you can tell, the problem isn't about the coaches, it's about the guy writing the checks.

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