Sunday, October 3, 2010

Making Memories... More Like Nightmares

Congratulations to the Buffaloes. They looked faster, more inspired, composed, and (this is the most disappointing) better coached. Coach Hawkins rallied the troops and made them believe they could win. How he did that, well, I'd like to know because I want some to gift wrap and send to Mark Richt and crew.

This is our worst loss in 15 years. If you want to know which one was worse, look at Jim Donnan's first game at the helm on August 31, 1996. If you don't remember, we lost to Southern Miss in the opener 11-7. For those of you who will make the argument new coach, blah, blah, blah, with the talent we had on the field, our third team should have won the game. Today was no different, but I really can't say I completely expected a different outcome.

Listening to the first part of "Dawg Talk" on the way home (only the 1st part because I couldn't stomach any more after the first caller), David Greene made the comment that, "It's been happening for the last two years. We just keep shooting ourselves in the foot." I have a little problem with that statement. Do you hear good teams saying that? Do good teams "shoot themselves" in the foot. The short answer is, NO. You make your own luck. I can't stand it when I hear fans say, "Well we never get that call," or "Man, those fumbles just never bounce our way." It's a loser's mentality. The fact that you're even saying it in the first place insinuates that you have only succeeded because of something out of your control, which is admitting you aren't as good to begin with. 

I hope Mark Richt and Co. realize that they just got out-foxed by a lame duck (maybe not now) coach who is working in a hamstrung athletic department. If you weren't aware of the situation (read THIS in my offensive preview of the Buffs), the short of it is that CU had to pay $8 million to Gary Barnett to part ways and financed it. The loans have yet to be paid off and firing Hawkins would cost another $3 million. In a related story, Hawkins is still the coach. Reason number one this was terrible. This reason is the most telling of where our program is right now. 

Now for reason number two. According to,,, and every other conceivable talent evaluation service, we are vastly better and more deep at every position. For some reason, we can't get 4 and 5 star players convinced that they can beat a team full of 2, 3, and some 4 star players. How is this happening?

Reason number three. Our players look just like our coach on the field. NO EMOTION. NO FIRE. NO ANYTHING. Look, I get it coach Richt. You're a good guy and you don't like losing your composure because it undermines your persona. He looks like a statue out there. Do you think these players respect or respond to him? If you'd like to get a look at the evidence go to GOOGLE and type in "Fulmer Cup 2010". If you have any doubts after that type in UGA arrests and you'll come up with some good material. 

I don't think this is anything groundbreaking or new to anyone who may read this. At the beginning of this game I really thought that Richt could find the right stuff tonight and we'd might be able to get a win. That is a microcosm of the past five years. IF we can just turn the light on now, we've got the world in our hands later. The problem is, the light isn't getting turned on. 

Coach Richt, I and the Bulldog faithful are losing it in a hurry. I didn't think he could get fired after this year, but the leash is getting really short. Is there a chance we can get Caesar Milan in here? 

We need a lot of that ssssssstttttt.... SSSSssssssssssstttttttttt, and in a hurry.


  1. Richt's problems are that the players have quit on HIM. You know he trumps them about discipline off the field...Do they listen to him, NO. Richt's players are not improving even with Richt's mantra,"we just got to get back to work" ...are the players learning? Are they playing their hearts out? Are the players learning from their mistakes, penalties, fumbles, etc. NO, because they have tuned out the head coach. A bunch of Pot heads with no interest in saving Richt's job.

  2. I think you're on to something CS. We have a few guys who seem to really care about winning, but you can't win without 11 guys who want to work together to get a W. They don't respect Richt any more and he doesn't feel like it's necessary for him to show emotion or openly care, so why should they? When these kids watch the NFL they see coaches and players getting fired up when something good or bad happens. What do you see out of Richt? Poker face and a hand swipe over his hair. So I guess they assume it really doesn't matter to him what happens. It really is maddening.