Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Justin Blackmon Tries to Go Back to the Future

Mike Gundy and Dana Holgorsen hopes for this season just got executed by a bunch of Libyan Nationalists in a VW van. Their star receiver, Justin Blackmon was arrested in Carrollton, Texas this morning after attending the Cowboys and Vikings game in Arlington. Just to add in some style points, Blackmon is not yet 21 and was doing 92 in a 60 mile per hour zone. It's safe to say that if he had a flux capacitor and a Mr. Fusion he'd be headed back to 1985.

If you think Holgorsen isn't going myocardial by now, take a look at Blackmon's stats and where they rank nationally:
  • 62 receptions (4th)
  • 1112 yards (1st)
  • 14 TD (1st)
  • 8.9 rec. per game (2nd)
  • 158.9 yards per game (1st by 25.5 yards)

This should be a huge loss for the Pokes on the next few Saturdays. That's just a minor thing. The big question is "Where did he and his friends get the tickets?" If you weren't aware, Dez Bryant wears #88 for the Cowboys and scored last night on a 93-yard punt return and had 4 catches for 54 yards and two TD's. 

I hope this is completely airtight, but it certainly doesn't appear so on the surface. Tickets at the Jerry-Dome are are over $150 a piece, and I know I certainly didn't have the kind of cheddar to do that in college. I suspect some NCAA folk will be boarding a plane to Tulsa very, very soon. 

I guess he probably wishes he knew the Doc and Marty McFly right about now. 

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