Monday, October 11, 2010

Interweb Rumors: Bruce Pearl May Decommit From UTk Tomorrow

The hottest thing going right now is that Vols hoops coach Bruce Pearl may resign as early as tomorrow. It appears the violations and straight lies to NCAA investigators have caught up with him. If you know anything about the NCAA, most are former federal people- and you know who's chain you don't jerk around? The Feds. It's never a pretty situation if you're caught in a lie with these folks.

Apparently some news has also surfaced of new allegations that Pearl committed undisclosed recruiting violations while at UW-Milwaukee as well. If I recall, more illegal fraternizing with high school juniors at his house, which is highly frowned upon.

This could be very good for the Dawgs, as Vols have one recruit that we may go after, should Pearl be on the outs. Kevin Ware is a SG from Rockdale County and looks to be a viable candidate for a hard-sell on Georgia if the Vols coaching situation goes from bad to worse. He is ranked 14th at his position and 56th overall in the class of 2011. If you haven't noticed, this is a position where we desperately need help. It's sort of an unwritten rule in basketball recruiting that you don't go after players once they make their commitment, so Fox hasn't had the chance to recruit Ware. Dai-Jon Parker is also a possibility here because all indications point to UGA being in his top two. Parker is the 15th ranked SG and 57th overall, so there isn't a huge difference in where these guys are right now. We just need one of them and if it has to be because the coach that recruited him resigned, so be it.

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