Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hey! Chris Rainey, Where Them Girls At?

(Insane Booty Shakin' and Language Warning)

Chris Rainey, like Luke, is a connoisseur of fine women. He also prefers to refer to himself in the third person, which should be something all great athletes do. Would Kenny Powers be Kenny Powers, if Kenny didn't call himself Kenny Powers? Uh, no.

To add to all of Rainey's affectations, he also adores pre-graduation graduation presents and women that closely resemble the color of marshmallows:

"Every time you see a fine girl (in Gainesville), you see another fine girl better than her. (Some people) like different color girls and stuff like that. I'm a white girl man." (per The Independent Alligator) 

If you've followed Rainey's rainbow and lollipop laden recent past, there is one particular incident that sitcks out in my mind. The incident I'm referring to is his eloquent, Shakespearian usage of the colloquialism "Time to DIE, B$TCH!" I know, it really sings in the ears. Because Meyer thought that this language deserved a short timeout in a corner, he suspended Rainey indefinitely on September 14th. This cat sounds like a real charmer.

Much to my un-surprise, Chris Low reports that Meyer has reinstated Rainey and he will be eligible to play in next week's contest versus the Dawgs. Yeah, I'm sure you're as shocked as I was.

I hope we get back out the "fake juice" and put a whoopin' on the Swamp Lizards. 

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