Monday, October 4, 2010

Hair of the Dawg: Basketball Recruiting Update

For those of you interested in what the future holds for the Hoop Dawgs, I thought I would put together a little update. It looks like the Dawgs have been making some hay on the recruiting front. Not only is Fox doing well with his team on the floor, he has done well in his 1st full recruiting cycle. Now for the good stuff.

2011 *** C/ Tim Dixon, Oldsmar Christian, Oldsmar FL/ UGA Commit: Since Dixon's transfer to Oldsmar, he has reportedly gained about 12-15 pounds from his initial weight of about 210. Rivals Eric Bossi had a little update on him HERE. It looks like he will be a defensive weapon for the Dawgs, and does appear to have some good offensive potential if and when he gets agress with it. I think he's going to be a solid pickup at a definite position of need.

2011 **** SG/ Dai-Jon Parker, Milton HS, Alpharetta, GA/ Uncommitted: Parker is the 57th ranked player in the country and has recently put UGA on his short list. Dan McDonald at reports that among the finalists for DP's signature are UGA, Okie State, Oregon State, RIU, and Vandy. I'd say we are easily in the top-2 for his commitment at this time, as any other candidate beside Vandy doesn't really seem like a good fit. Parker has recently stated his affection for playing PG, which wouldn't be out of the question with some work on his skills. He currently starts at SG for Milton because tOSU commit Shannon Scott starts at his natural position of PG. If Parker works on his handle a little bit, it would be a nice battle at the point for the next few years between he and Kentavious. If we can get Dai-Jon to come to Athens, which was an extreme long shot four months ago, it would be a HUGE sign for Fox.

2011 **** PF/ Julian Royal, Milton HS, Alpharetta, GA/ Uncommitted: After my last update on Royal a few weeks ago, it looked like the Dawgs have taken a minuscule lead over the Nerds and Wake Forest. After his latest visit to North Avenue, it might be dead even, depending on your trust level with the Jackets site. I think Wake is a distant third here and his decision will probably come after his October 8th visit to Winston-Salem. UGA desperately needs quality guys in the low post and I think Mark Fox can convince him UGA is the place to be for the next few years.

2011 **** C/ Nick Jacobs, South Atlanta HS, Atlanta, GA/ Uncomitted: Jacobs was once a heavy lean to Brad Brownell's Clemson Tigers, but since his visit to Alabama over the weekend things have since changed. Michael Carvell at the AJC has the story on his visit HERE. Jacobs would be a nice addition to this class, but appears to be a long shot at this time. If Fox doesn't get this guy I won't be losing a lot of sleep over it because he doesn't appear to be a can't miss type of player and the 2012 class is absolutely LOADED with top-tier guys.

2011 *** SG/ Devin Langford, Lee HS, Huntsville, AL/ Uncommitted: Devin Langford is beginning to really heat up around the southeast. He has the size (at 6'7) and tools to be a menacing threat on the outside, but doesn't attack the basket like he should and isn't a big scorer at this time. He looks to be a player in Mark Fox's wheel house, being very long and athletic with the potential to be a big-time scorer. In my opinion, you can't have too many of those guys. Signing Langford is going to be a hard proposition considering his cousin Josh is now a freshman at Auburn and he appears to have a good relationship with Auburn commitments Willy Kouassi and Bernard Morena. I don't think he is a top priority either, considering Dai-Jon's status with the Dawgs.

2011 ***** SG/ Kentavious Caldwell, Greenville HS, Greenville, GA/ UGA Commit: Kentavious was scheduled to take a few visits after he committed to Mark Fox, but has since canceled them. This affirms his commitment to the Dawgs and assures that he'll be signing in the early period which starts on November 10th. I'll be very surprised if Kentavious doesn't play around 30 minutes a game next year. With his shooting and athletic ability he should be immediately be an impact player.

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