Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Night Bites: Damian Swann and Marcus Caffey Rehash

We featured this post about six weeks ago. At the time Damian Swann of Grady was the only player on the team that had an offer from UGA. It does appear that now we are also interested in his teammate RB Marcus Caffey. From what we saw of him, we came away meagerly impressed. I say meagerly because, at the time he was splitting carries with another guy.

Apparently he has really come on strong lately and put the team on his back. Because of he and Swann's efforts, the Grey Knights are now ranked in the top-10 in AAA. Caffey rushed for over 150 yards in the upset over St. Pius last week. He now list offers from Arkansas, Illinois, Kentucky, Maryland, Minnesota, Ole Miss, Purdue, South Carolina, Tennessee, Vanderbilt, Wake Forest and West Virginia. Chip Towers over at the AJC wrote a good piece on him and Swann this week.

To me, he runs a lot like Knile Davis of Arkansas. He is pretty smooth and is a long strider. He looks to have above-average speed and catches the ball very well out of the backfield. I think he would be a great addition to this class. We desperately need some depth at RB and it looks more and more disparaging on the Crowell front.

We caught a glimpse of him right here in our second edition of "Friday Night Bites" (Yeah, that's Kenny Loggins you hear in the background):

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