Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Exhibit A: Why People Criticize The NCAA

First off, just to get things straight, the purpose of this post is not to justify/berate the NCAA's ruling on A.J. Green this season. I have maintained there are probably things we don't know that led to his four game suspension, which is to say he probably deserved it.

If you want to have a conversation about ridiculous stuff, start talking about the gross incongruities that the NCAA exhibits. Rules don't seem to apply the way they were meant to, teams blatantly skirt statutes and are better off from it, athletic departments exploit their star players and unjustly profit, and the list goes on into oblivion. Tony Barnhart at the AJC has a story on an EXTREMELY shady piece of marketing by the Nebraska Athletic Department-

"Nebraska has announced on its website that it will sell about 157 jerseys that will be worn by members of the Cornhusker team during it's Oct. 16 game with Texas in Lincoln. In fact, Big Red fans can go online right now and bid for the jersey of their choice. The No. 3 jersey of Nebraska quarterback Taylor Martinez is already going for $999.99. Nebraska officials told me they were going to take the names off the jerseys before selling them to the public." (per Barnhart's article)

Of course! If they take the names off of the jerseys then no one will recognize them, right? Give me a break. This is probably the most blatant example of exploiting players for personal financial gain. Do you think whoever ends up with the "No. 3" jersey will say, "Hey check out this sweet game-worn No. 3 jersey I picked up for 1500 bucks?" NO! They would say, "Yeah I bought this Taylor Martinez jersey that he wore when they beat Texas in 2010. Pretty awesome, huh?"

How athletic departments do this type of stuff baffles me. They are CLEARLY doing something illegal, yet NCAA rules permit it. The only thing that gives these jerseys value over a $150 game replica jersey is the prestige associated with having that specific player wearing it. This type of garbage makes me want to pull my hair out. If I were a parent, my attorney would be on speed dial.

Just in case you'd like to check out the site, the link is HERE.

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