Wednesday, October 6, 2010

"Dawgola the Disney"?

I generally consider myself the among the most "Anti-Disney Dawg" of them all. I usually don't think that "everything will be okay" or "it's gonna be okay as long as we keep supporting our Dawgs!!!". I really think that is the mentality of a wuss. So, the following is VERY outside the box for me, as I usually don't make excuses for the team's lackluster performances.

Why am I so optimistic? Well, I wouldn't call it "optimism" but....we could easily be 5-0 this year. Well, at least 4-1 anyway. All you have to do is take a look at the turning points of each loss this year:

1. SOUTH CAROLINA -- Trailing 14-6 late in the third quarter, we drive inside the Carolina 5 yard line. Then, after a false start by Israel Troupe (totally forgot about this btw) Ealey makes a nice run inside the 5 only to fumble the ball away to Carolina at the 1 yard line.

Why this was the turning point -- the momentum had already shifted slightly, and even if we had missed an ensuing 2-point conversion, the score would have been 14-12 and the pressure would be squarely on S.C....and as we have seen over the years, they don't respond to pressure very well.

2. ARKANSAS -- After battling back from a 24-10 deficit in the fourth quarter to tie it at 24, we march the ball to midfield with just one minute left -- all we need is about 10-15 more yards for a legitimate game-winning field goal attempt (because Walsh is good and stuff). After a timeout (which in hindsight we probably should not have called because the defense was on their heels) Murray gets sacked on 3rd and 4 and we have to punt.

Why this was the turning point -- If you were in the stadium, I think you would agree that this play REALLY took the wind out of our sails. I know the ESPN highlights show the game-winning TD pass by Mallett (and the "tackling" attempt by S. Williams) as the "amazing play", but if we convert that first down I think we end up getting in FG range and winning. (honorable mention -- the horrendous punt by our All-American after the sack...pretty tough)

3. Mississippi State -- After giving up an opening drive touchdown (a staple of the team thus far), Georgia responds by driving down to the Mississippi State 20. On 3rd and 9, Murray completes a pass to Ealey for a 20 yard gain....only for him to fumble it away on the 1...AND STARE AT IT SITTING RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM!

Why this was the turning point -- That was our chance to respond to their opening drive, establish momentum our way, and most importantly, tie the game at seven. As it turned out, we never led or tied in the game and really never threatened to score a TD again until the meaningless one in the final minutes. Although I will concede this was probably a stretch to say we definitely would have won this game, I think scoring a touchdown on our opening drive would have significantly changed the flow of this game.

4. Colorado -- This one is pretty obvious...we were just running the ball, and killing the clock until we lined up for the game-winning field goal attempt. And the sad thing is, I wasn't surprised that we fumbled. Our 2010 team has that effect on me. Failure is the norm...oh and honorable mention -- the play that caused A.J.'s hamstring to cramp. Our offense without him was non-existent.

The real problem with the team is that we are trailing at all against MSU and Colorado, who aren't even on the radar in terms of matching our talent. Tennessee, although inexperienced, clearly has better talent than MSU and Colorado, so I'm wondering how we're going to screw up that game. Wait, I'm being too negative. Things will change! I just broke all four losses down to just four plays! We're not that bad right!....yeah we pretty much suck this year.

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