Monday, October 11, 2010

Can the Dawgs Win the East?

Let's face it, it's already been a long year, and we still have many losable games left. BUT, I, Dawgola am feeling overly-optimistic again...Could the Dawgs actually still win the East? Sounds crazy but it IS possible. Probable? No. But it's not that out of the question. Here is what has to happen:
  1. The Dawgs have to win the rest of their conference games (Vandy, at Kentucky, Florida, at Auburn) This is the toughest part in my opinion, but Florida IS a little down this year and we might be able to sneak up on Auburn (you know, because we have four losses and they might overlook us)
  2. South Carolina has to lose three more conference games, putting them at 4-4 in league play. Here are where the losses would most likely come from: at Kentucky this weekend, Arkansas at home, and at Florida. They also play at Vandy, and have the Vols at home. It is also possible for them to only lose two more games, and force a three-way tie for first with us and Florida at 5-3 (they would have to lose to Florida in this scenario). The tie-breaker would be 'best record in the division' and since we've only lost one eastern division game so far....we would have a chance.
  3. Put our players on a serious cycle of steroids and hope the NCAA doesn't test us....okay this is a LITTLE out there but....I wouldn't belittle the team if they tried.
  4. There is also an outside chance that South Car., UF, and the Dawgs finish 4-4 in the division, but this would mean UF must lose to us AND someone other than South Carolina. It would have to be Miss. State at home (not feeling this one) or at Vandy (REALLY not feeling this one)
But see, it is possible.

(Translation: Hopefully the above scenario will still be alive by the time basketball starts....I don't need a month-long lull of more losing until roundball.)

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