Monday, October 25, 2010

Can the Dawgs Win the East?: October 25 Edition

Another week down and the SEC East picture, while still a bit murky, becomes a little bit clearer for the Dawgs. South Carolina won an ugly 21-7 ticklefest over Vandy, and Florida was idle. And given the Dawgs' victory over UK, you can pretty much bury the Cats for the rest of the season. Tennessee did their usual "compete and play really really hard for the first half in front of a home crowd and then collapse in the second half" routine against Bama, and Auburn -- more specifically Cam Newton -- hung on against LSU. (btw, did you notice how The Hat completely effed up the 4th down play toward the end of the game...amazing).

Here are the updated standings for the SEC East:

And here are the remaining scenarios that can get the Dawgs to the dome (well, not counting the possibility of a Chik-Fil-A Bowl appearance):
  1. South Carolina loses its three remaining conference games (Tenn, Arky, and at UF) and Georgia beats UF. Not likely that the Cocks fall that hard but....actually, allow me to reverse-jinx South Carolina real quick:

    "I mean, there is NO WAY they lose to Tennessee this weekend....not possible...ha ha, Tennessee can barely beat UAB!!!! They can't win in Columbia...just stupid to even think that!"

    There, that should hold us for another weekend. Hopefully it will work, but I think this scenario is too far-fetched. I like option 2 better...

  2. South Carolina loses to Arkansas AND/OR Tennessee AND loses at Florida, AND Georgia beats Florida. This is much more manageable, but again, it requires the Cocks to lose two more games. Because of the tie-break (don't ask questions, just trust me) in this scenario, it wouldn't matter what happened in our Auburn game.
  3. Georgia wins out -- we would still need South Carolina to lose two more conference games.
So basically, we need South Carolina to lose two more conference games any way you splice it. Again, this is moot if we lose to UF this weekend...but it's fun to talk about for another 5 days at least.

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  1. In senerio two, Florida would also have to beat Vandy at home to ensure a 3 way tie.