Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Weslye Saunders Dismissed

Beleaguered Gamecock Weslye Saunders has been dismissed from the team. It seems odd that his status has been up in the air now for over a month and now he gets the axe. Apparently, the issues surrounding this punishment and sebsequent dismissal were more severe than lying to coaches about why he was late to a scrimmage.

Saunders has made some questionable decisions in his time in Columbia. He never moved out of the Whitney Hotel, where more than half a dozen Gamecocks lived, and was more than $5000 behind on his rent, which the NCAA described as an "improper" benefit. He was one of six Gamecocks residing there at the time of the NCAA inquiry. If you'll also remember, he was suspended initially because of his appearance in Miami with buddy Marvin Austen and contact with agents.

This kid obviously has some trouble and despite the fact he's a Gamecock, I hope he gets things in order. There are too many stories like this in the world.

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