Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pittsburgh Death Knell: Romeus Out For Two Months

If one defensive player determines winning or losing the Big East this year, Pitt just lost. If you'll remember from a few months ago, I predicted that Pitt would wet the bed and not win the conference. The only things that ESPN built their prediction on were RB Dion Lewis, WR Jon Baldwin, and DE Greg Romeus. Apparently the expert prognosticators didn't look and see that they were actually picking a Wannstache coached Pittsburgh team.

Pitt is starting to look like Clemson. They have pretty good skill position guys and one or two better-than-average defensive players in a HORRID conference. De facto they are better than everyone else because, well no one else has any of these players. Automatically they get "crowned" and the media says, "Well they have... 1,2,3 good players which is three times more than anyone else. CONFERENCE CHAMPS!" Neglected is the fact that the team has HUGE holes that cannot be patched with RAMGOD running back and a yeti for a defensive lineman. Sorry Pitt, UCONN FTW!!!

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