Thursday, September 23, 2010

Injury Updates

Bernie over at Bernie's Dawg Blawg has a great list of updates on that front.

It's unfortunate for Bean Anderson. The kid had a ton of potential but never really caught on. I can only imagine what could have been if not for the setbacks he has experienced.

I think it's a lock for Chris Davis to not start. I've heard his back/hip situation is serious enough that he will have major problems in life after football. He's a DGD and has been the glue that held our o-line together the last few years. He's certainly a team first guy and a Dawg that I can confidently say has appreciated every bit of his scholarship.

Branden Smith will, hopefully be well enough to play some snaps on offense and add a little spark there. Though I'm not a huge fan of the gimmickry, he does add a wrinkle to keep defenses honest.

Chapas will be thoroughly missed this week. He is, without a doubt, UGA's best complete fullback in quite a few years. He can block, catch, and run exceptionally well and is easily the SEC's best fullback. I think Munz is good as well, but his blocking ability and hands are nowhere near Chapas'.

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