Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hyphman Update (Sept. 28)

Well, after four weeks of games, there appears to be some shuffling among the Hyphman candidates. I think we have a new leading candidate. But I'm no expert, so let's turn to the "College Football Live" studios to get some REAL insight:

Wendi Nix (Turning to Jesse Palmer and Craig James): "Alright guys, if you had to say right now, who is your favorite to win the Hyphman?"

Craig James (smiling for no reason): "Wendi, we can't overreact to one bad week against Boise. I mean (starting to chuckle now), Austyn Carta-Samuels...he's still GOT to be the leader right? I know he's thrown four interceptions, but he's still completing 68 percent of his passes....hey Jesse, (REALLY starting to chuckle now) I bet you wish YOU completed 68 percent for the Ole Ball Coach down there in Gainesville way back,"(everyone laughs, then realizes they are still on camera and then awkwardly stops laughing)

Jesse Palmer (still smiling a little): "Hey, no doubt about that, no doubt at ALL Craig. But I want to turn to a another guy I like, who comes out of the Big Ten. I think you have to respect Iowa's Darrell Johnson-Koulianos. This guy has become a real safety net on the outside for Ricky Stanzi. You take a look at his numbers...seventeen receptions....270 yards...and has scored three touchdowns already. I don't think there's any doubt that he will be instrumental if Iowa is to make a run at the Big Ten guys."

Wendi Nix: "Craig James, Jesse Palmer, good stuff as always. (turning back to the camera now) We'll take you up to the six o'clock Sportscenter, and with a preview, here is Stuart Scott. Stu...."

Stuart Scott: (holding sheets of blank paper in his hand) "Hey thanks Wendi, and by the way, ya'll forget a guy by the name of James-Michael Johnson from the undefeated Nevada Wolfpack. Dude is straight up ballin'. He's already made 31 tackles and 2.5 sacks through four games...just sayin'. Anyway, coming up on Sportscenter, we got Adam Schefter and Chris Mortensen, who are gonna tell us to latest on the Vincent Jackson saga. AND, the 'Baseball Tonight' guys are gonna debate on who can take down the defending champs from the Bronx come October. Until then, HOLLA." (turns and walks off camera)

Yeah, I would have to agree with Jesse on this one. I think Johnson-Koulianos has probably taken the lead over ACS. But remember...the season is still long from over, and if you want a darkhorse candidate, how about Ray-Ray Armstrong from the U. He already has one pick-six and is primed for a break out week against Clemson.

We'll certainly keep you up to date on any Hyphman related happenings as the season progresses.

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