Monday, September 6, 2010

Hair of the Dawg: La-La/A.J. Stuff

Well, I have officially watched the replay of the game and I must say, it was just as dominating on TV as it was in person. The defense was relentless while the offense was very solid but not great -- I know it was only one game, but I would have expected our running backs (C. Thomas and King) to average more than 4.7 yards per carry (although this isn't terrible). I think a lot of this was on the offensive line, although it appeared La-La really stacked the box, forcing Murray to beat them through the air, which he did (and a little with his feet). The absence of Green and T. King also allowed them to be more aggressive against the run. I thought Murray looked like he was very comfortable in the game, and really only made one bad throw -- the almost INT in the end zone. Otherwise he was very accurate and showed off some quicks when the pocket broke down (apparently much to Richt's dismay). I think when the receivers come back, it will help open up the run game, so I'm not too worried about our rush yards.

The defense looked as dominating as I have seen in a while. Holding La-La to 128 yards was among the most impressive performances by any team's defense this weekend. And saying that "it was just to a Sun Belt team" shouldn't matter either (did you see the Ole Miss game?). I really don't need to single out which position group looked the best, because quite frankly, everything looked better. I also thought the Rambo cussing was important as well. I feel like that was Grantham's way of sending a message to the team -- that they should strive for perfection ALL the time, not just when the game is close. In other words, "don't take plays off". It also showed me that he thinks Rambo can be great. Do you really think he would have used all that emotion if a walk-on had made that mistake? No way. It certainly wasn't personal, and I think Rambo knew that as well. Did you notice the way Grantham greeted the team when Cummings made that pick? It was nothing but excitement from both him and the players. And while I think the players liked Willie a lot, I also think they lacked a certain respect for him by the end, and Grantham isn't going to let that happen. In other words, they didn't necessarily fear letting Willie down. I don't think this will happen with the new coaches.

The A.J. situation is perplexing as well. I have a couple of theories:
  1. The NCAA hasn't concluded whether Green did anything wrong or not. This is the most popular theory (and the "official" reason) but if it is true, would UGA/Green's punishment be significantly worse if he did play in the first game? Maybe so, but I'm always under the assumption "innocent until proven guilty". I just think it is extremely unfair if it comes out he did nothing wrong but was not allowed to play in the game.
  2. He did some else wrong (not agent related). I have also heard this theory, and if this is true, why haven't we heard any OFFICIAL reasons for the "holdout" (notice UGA never said "suspension").
  3. Combination of 1 and 2. This would be the worst scenario, and it might mean a long-term (more than two games) suspension which would be pretty devestating for A.J. and everyone else close to the team (including the fans).
Regardless of what the circumstances are/were, I think we are all thinking the same thing -- we want answers ASAFP. It is borderline unfair to keep the team in limbo until they (the NCAA or whoever) decide whether there will be penalties.

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