Monday, September 6, 2010

Friday Night Bites: Swann Song in Roswell

We arrived in Roswell a little late for Friday night's contest between Blessed Trinity and Grady. If you're a little peeved at me for missing the first part of Damian Swann's pick, well sorry. New equipment. Blessed Trinity ended up winning the game 17-14 with a long touchdown run in the 3rd quarter. As for our analysis of the overall outstanding performances, I'll dive into that right now.

Blessed Trinity: The most outstanding performance on this squad was that of the kicker. #48 Riley Lyons will be playing on Saturdays at some point. He wasn't big but had a hammer of a leg. To go along with his impressive field goal kicking abilities, he kicked a punt at least 60 yards in the air. I'll expect to see him get a D-1A scholarship.

#2 Spencer McManes was the QB and had a decent arm, but wasn't the most polished. The most impressive throw he made on the night went for a touchdown of about 40 yards and was right on the money. He threw a few bombs at least 60 yards that were incomplete. This was an option team so his talents weren't showcased very much.

Grady: I'll start with #22 Marcus Caffey. Caffey looked the part of a D-1 running back and made some nice catches and runs. He looks a lot like a name you'll remember from last year, a certain running back that played for Georgia named Richard Samuel. It's also funny that they wear the same number. He did have a little trouble holding onto the football as well, much like Samuel. The kid looked like he had pretty good speed and hands, but did run a tad upright. I think he will make someone very happy on the next level though. He was very well-rounded and was also a threat in the passing game. Good combo. I was more impressed with him than Swann overall, possibly because he was featured more.

Speaking of #1 Swann, he had a so-so game. I thought he might be a little more dominant on the offensive side. He had a touchdown, what should have been an interception, one fumble, and a few tackles. It was nothing extremely noteworthy. On defense, they ran away from his side most of the night, so it's understandable his defensive stats weren't better. I was very impressed with his athleticism and overall size, which was ideal for a corner at around six feet. He is listed at athlete but will definitely be a corner at the next level. He has good speed, but I see him as a more physical corner prospect than a pure burner.

Overall, the game was pretty uneventful. Swann was obviously the fastest and most athletic guy on the team, but was not featured as much as I would have liked. There would have been far more direct snaps to Swann if I was calling the plays, but then again I'm not a coach.

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