Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday Night Bites: Grady vs. Blessed Trinity

In case you missed our spot last week featuring Sterling Bailey and Chaz Cheeks of East Hall, here are the rules for "Friday Night Bites":

In order for a game to qualify as a "Friday Night Bite", there are a few criteria that the teams have to meet:

  1. The game must feature at least (2) elite, Division-1 prospects. They can be on the same team or opposing teams.
  2. The game is a matchup of two tradition-rich, powerhouse programs.
  3. The game is a long-standing, all-time great rivalry in the state.

There are three headlining matchups this week concerning teams from Georgia. Camden County at Miami Central, Buford at Carver-Columbus, and Crenshaw(Ca.) vs. North Gwinnett in Norcross all look to be HUGE games. Because the latter game is on ESPNU (and the others are prohibitively far away from H2H HQ), it looks to be a definite TIVO'er, and a contest that can be easily viewed by the masses anyway. Because of wide coverage of the local game, we will be covering Grady at Blessed Trinity in Roswell tonight.

Tonight's game will feature Top-50 national player, ATH Damian Swann and 3-star RB Marcus Caffey. Swann is a Georgia recruit and claims offers from every top school in the country, while Caffey notches offers from Arkansas, Maryland, and South Carolina among others.


We'll have some Twitter updates on the game throughout as well as a writeup some time this weekend. Due to a very early start Saturday, the post probably won't be up until Sunday. Just so you know, H2H will be DEBUTING VIDEO FROM THE GAME this week. We're expanding our coverage for your reading pleasure.

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