Wednesday, September 22, 2010


For those of you who read the blog at its inception, you may remember we looked at some key stats we liked from last season. Here some of the links in case you missed it:

Yards per Play/Yards per Play allowed
Turnover Margin

These are just a few stats we like to look at in order to judge how a team has performed. So, our question is, "does UGA's 1-2 start show up in the stats so far this year?" Let's find out:

Yards per Play: 5.6 --ranks 59th nationally, 8th in the SEC
Yards per Play Allowed: 5.1 -- ranks 51th nationally, 9th in the SEC
Turnover Margin: +1 (+.33 per game) -- t-46 nationally, t-5 in the SEC
Penalties: committed 18 (6 per game) -- ranks 59th nationally, 6th in the SEC

Have we improved these numbers from last year? Here are UGA's stats from 2009:

Yards per Play: 5.9 -- ranked 34th nationally, 6th in the SEC
Yards per Play Allowed: 5.1 -- ranked 34th nationally, 9th in the SEC
Turnover Margin Per game: -1.23 -- ranked 118 nationally, last in the SEC)
Penalties per Game: 8.1 -- ranked 113 nationally, last in the SEC)

I know it is still early and it is somewhat unreliable or shaky to compare stats after playing only three games, but from looking at the numbers, I see very little -- actually no -- improvement in the offensive and defensive numbers. Obviously A.J.'s return should up the "yards per play" stat, and I would think as the defense gets used to the new scheme, our "yards per play allowed" stat will improve (keep in mind we just played arguably the best passing team in the country). The good news? Our turnovers and penalties appear to be back to the normal range, which is something that KILLED us last season.

Other notes:
  • Alabama leads the country so far in YPP with 8.6
  • Oregon leads the country in YPP Allowed with 3.0
  • Penn State and Eastern Michigan leads in "fewest penalties committed per game" with 2.3
  • Ohio State leads in "turnover margin": +10 through three games
  • Alabama also leads in "YPP" minus "YPP Allowed": +4.6 (UGA's difference is = +.5, which ranks 58th nationally)


  1. No question the offensive numbers deserve scrutiny & demand accountability. But i'm wondering if it's too early to make a comparison of defensive stats only 3 games into the season w/ a new set of Defensive Coaches that lack their needed personnel. Not to mention we just came off a 2 game stretch against top ranked conference foes, one of them on the road. And the fact that the offense hasn't helped them out can't be ignored.

    I think a better gauge of how the D is performing thus far is to compare how we fared against the lamecocks & Ark last year vs this year. If you have some time, check out the post from Year2 over at Team Speed Kills ( Just to summarize he points out how UGA has not only faced much improved offenses from Ark & the lamecocks & yet has been better against the run, despite changing from a 4 man front to a 3 man, reduced scoring & forced more punts & turnovers. But of course year2 puts it best when he states " Despite losing a bunch of important guys to the NFL and switching from a 4-3 to a 3-4 base defense, it didn't take any steps backwards. It has already taken a step forward, and we're only three games into the new regime. This fact bodes well for the future in Athens."

    Clearly i'm biased, but i tend to agree. If nothing else, Grantham will get a whole lot less scrutiny from me than DVH, Bobo, & Searles.

    So loving this blog! I hope you guys get a great readership & keep it up. And thanks as always for the reminder tweets when you put up the tailgate videos-one of my faves :)

    God bless & Go Dawgs!!

  2. Ally, as usual thanks for reading/listening/watching our blog. Good point about our performances against USCe and Arky last year vs. this year. I would say our offense played worse in both games against those two teams this season while the D played better (just tells you how bad the defense was last year.)