Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dissecting the Mike Bobo Offense

I decided to take an inside look (in this case, "inside" means my casual observations when watching on TV and in person) at the X's and O's of the Dawgs' stellar offense this season. I thought it was fitting to break-down the play design for UGA's "bread and butter" play: the sprint draw: (note: Obviously, the circles are offense and X's are defense, and the green circle is the running back in case you are completely "football play design" illiterate. Also, forgive the acridity of this model as I am no artist -- Van Dawgin is the Picaso of this blog.)

Looks good in theory. Note that this play is more of an "off tackle" design but I think you get the drift. Anyway, that is how the play is designed. And as we see below, this is how the Dawgs have been executing this play this season -- a staple of the Mark Richt offense:

Also note the location of the running back after he receives the ball -- about four yards (1.5 inches on the computer screen) behind the line of scrimmage surrounded by defenders...I don't know about you guys, but seeing this makes me really JACKED about the game this Saturday! I can't wait the see Mike "The Mad Genius" Bobo callin' those ball plays! (Stay tuned next week, as I will break down our incredible pass defense)

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