Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Dawg-Like Preview: Receivers/Tight Ends

We have this guy which is all you really need to know:

But just in case you might want to know a little more about what the Dawgs bring to the table at the receiving positions, I'll be happy to oblige.

What the depth chart looks like at receiver/TE and their numbers from last year (starters in bold):

  • FL #8 A.J. Green, 53/808/6 TD
  • WR # 17 Rantavious Wooten, 10/197
  • WR # 6 Logan Gray, N/A
  • WR # Israel Troup 4/90/1 TD
  • *SE #12 Tavarres King, 18/377/ 1TD
  • WR #15 Marlon Brown, 2/15
  • WR # 16 Kris Durham, N/A
  • TE # 7 Orson Charles, 23/374/3 TD
  • TE # 81 Aron White, 13/198/4 TD
  • TE # 89 Bruce Figgins, N/A
  • TE # 88 Arthur Lynch, N/A

*This is taking into consideration that TK is suspended for the first game.

With this type of talent on the depth chart it's easy to see why the receivers are ranked #2 in the nation by Phil Steele. Unles something crazy happens, this will be our strongest unit on the team. Because of the inexperience at QB that doesn't necessarily mean the most productive, however.

Wide Receivers: The only thing that concerns me here is the lack of quality depth. When we get past AJ, TK, and Durham there isn't a lot of experience. Wooten played sparingly last year and Marlon Brown burned his redshirt on about 15 snaps (That really irked me). I've heard raving reviews on Marlon during the summer and also in camp, his route-running has dramatically improved and he may well be our best blocking receiver I'm told. We're going to be just fine here.

Tight Ends: UGA's group of tight ends may might be the best in the country. I think Orson Charles is the most dynamic playmaker at that spot in the NCAA. Aron White is very good as well, and I feel confident saying that Figgins and Artie Lynch could start for any other team in the country. I believe that per attempt, this will be our most valuable unit this year. They will be a relief valve for Murray when A.J. is doubled on the outside. I think Orson Charles is poised for a VERY BIG year. I hate to make predictions, but I think 50 receptions and 600 yards are not out of the question. Look for Aaron to throw early and often to these guys.

I'm excited to see what happens Saturday with these guys. I think we'll throw it a little more than folks will expect. Getting Murray snaps standing in the pocket and targeting receivers is just what he needs. Look for Orson and A.J. to have very big games, especially if we're up by a good margin.

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