Thursday, September 23, 2010

Boston College's Frank Spaziani Does a Little Coachin'

Beside having "Dillon" doing a commercial spot (I'm pretty sure they should have at least one Predator in this Bud Light ad to make it worthwhile), this is a very good, basic example of how defenses work. The diagramming itself wasn't anything spectacular, but what was very good was the basic philosophy of how to stop the run.

Good defense is predicated on plugging the gaps and making the running back go east and west. It's then necessary to have good tacklers on the boundary, which is a fundamental that we have lacked lately. I think you can chalk a lot of recent losses up to this (GT 2008, LSU 2009, UK 2009). We make good plays inside but we don't finish them because our guys wanna go for the kill shot and fail to wrap up or take terrible angles. We have seen this early some this year, but I dare say it has improved. Enough with the thud stuff and go throw someone down.

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