Friday, August 6, 2010

UGA's QB Situation

There is a very tenuous situation at quarterback in Athens, as I'm sure you're aware. With Logan Gray's move to wideout, there are now only four quarterbacks on the team. Three of those four graduated in May. I believe someone has CMR quoted as saying, "This may be the youngest group of quarterbacks in the history of college football." We've got to get "older"- and in a hurry.

Logan is getting zero reps at QB during fall camp, and it seems as though it will stay that way. This simple fact and also the lack of depth at reciever necessitates him staying there even if something crazy happens. Logan is a DGD, and I have a lot of respect for his decsion to stay and help the team in any way, despite the fact that he's not going to get a shot at QB. I heard from a few credible sources last year during the Cox debate that Joe was "easily the best we have". It was hard to believe at the time, but I guess there was more truth in it than I wanted.

Hutson Mason is, seemingly, picking up the offense as well as one could expect for a true freshman. Seth at Bulldogs Blog has a great article on him here with some good stuff from Richt. This was his most interesting comment regarding Logan:

“If it happened just midseason and there was an emergency situation, and we had to throw him in there, and he hadn’t thrown a ball, it’d probably be tough..."

That's all I need to know about the depth chart. Logan Gray is option C after Aaron and HM. There is no way that Richt can afford not to give Hutson back-up time early. I fully expect him to play in the first game, should the situation permit. Keeping Aaron in the game during mop-up time would be foolish, and given Richt's track record of letting off the gas very early, I don't see that happening.

He has to protect his investment in Aaron. Give the kid all the mop-up time he can handle. We may need it.

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  1. I want to agree with you but I cant. We can't afford to burn Mason's redshirt and risk him transferring and being in, yet again, another bind next year (the same with LeMay). From all accounts, the walk ons look good. If it's time for a mop up, you bring them in. Mop up is just handoffs anyway. Mason only goes in if Aaron is hurt and we are in danger of losing the game. That's my opine.