Wednesday, August 4, 2010

On the Morant Situation

I'm sure you've already seen or heard the news about Dexter Morant(courtesy of Marc Weiszer). It's really unfortunate that such a talented kid apparently doesn't have any desire to continue his football career. I've never been to Manning, South Carolina but I'm sure there's something big pulling him back there.

Morant's loss means a great deal to Todd Grantham, as he has one fewer body to work with on an already thin group of OLB's. Combine his decision with Jalen Fields inability to qualify, and we're two down in last year's signing class. From all indications Morant had all the talent to be successful, but other than depth (which we don't have a great deal of), I don't know how much this would affect the top two spots in the depth chart.

From a recruituing standpoint, it's imperative that we get two out of the trio of Ray Drew, Xzavier Dickson, and Jeoffrey Pagan (who is a VERY soft gator commit) to fill that hole. From all indications we hold a small lead for the first of that list and are very high on the other two's. Maybe some good news.

When you're as young as these guys and you have to make such big decisions, I'm can only imagine how tough they are. I hope Dexter has made the right decision for him and he does what is best. Good luck kid.

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