Monday, August 2, 2010

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With the new season now on the horizon, let's take a look at some of the new faces in the SEC. First up, Joker Phillips and Robbie Caldwell. I was able to do it in five moves:

  1. Joker Phillips (WR) coached with Lou Holtz (HC) at S. Carolina in 2002.

  2. Holtz (HC) coached at Notre Dame with Urban Meyer (WR) in 1996.

  3. Meyer (HC) coached at Florida with Dan Mullen (OC) at Florida from '05-'08.

  4. Mullen (HC) coached at Miss. St. with Carl Torbush (DC) in 2009.

  5. Torbush (HC) coached at UNC with Robbie Caldwell (OL) in 2000.

Let's do about Derek Dooley to his dad Vince:

  1. Derek Dooley (TE/RB/ST) coached at LSU and with the Miami Dolphins with Nick Saban (HC) from 2000-2006.

  2. Saban (DC) coached with the Cleveland Browns with Al Groh (LB) in 1992.

  3. Groh (DC) currently coaches at Georgia Tech (BOOOOOO) with Paul Johnson (HC).

  4. Johnson (DL/OC) coached at GA Southern with Erk Russell (HC) from '83-86.

  5. And of course Erk coached with Vince Dooley and the Dawgs from '64-'81.

Interesting Notes:
  • The 1992 Cleveland Browns were coached by Bill Belichick (HC), Nick Saban (DC), and Al Groh (LB).
  • Speaking of Groh, before Tech hired him for 2010, his last stint as a defensive coordinator was in 1996 with the Patriots (Belichick was the DB/asst. head coach that year).

  • Four SEC coaches were assistants for Lou Holtz at one time or another (Joker, Meyer, Mullen, and Nutt).

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