Wednesday, August 18, 2010

James Wilder Reaction:

"The Decision: Part Deux" turned out to be much like the the LeBron debacle on ESPN (albeit on a much smaller scale) for the following reasons:
  • Both were among the "top available" in their respective sports
  • Both are versatile, and can play multiple positions
  • Both gave a city/school reason to be excited (the prospects of LeBron playing in his hometown vs. the fishy 'Bleacher Report' story from yesterday.)
  • Both completely duped their prospective teams (LeBron deciding to take his talents to South Beach vs. Wilder showing up in 'Red and Black' then promptly putting a FSU hat atop his head)
However, anyone with reasonable sense could smell the stink on this "Wilder to UGA" talk the past 24 hours. Plus, it wasn't near as bad as the Da'rick Rogers screwjob this past year.

In other recruiting news, it appears Christian LeMay will sit out his senior year, and enroll early at UGA. Still not sure exactly what happened to get him suspended or how sitting out a year will affect his game, but as of right now, LeMay is the lead "Dawg" of UGA's 2011 recruiting class.

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