Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hair of the Dawg: Rodney and Recruitin' Edition

Hair of the Dawg is a weekly featurette which gives our readership the opportunity to avoid the potentially life threatening "hangover-like" symptoms a Monday morning will invariably induce.

There was a lot of news out of Athens this weekend. Most notably it was Picture Day for the 2010 edition of the Red and Black. I'm not a big picture day guy, but I've heard it was a good time for all who came out. Despite the damp conditions, I'm sure it was a good time for the team as well.

While we're on football, there has been some scuttlebutt surrounding the new-look defense in the last week. In trying to find the right combo of d-linemen, it appears that Bean Anderson has the holeshot for the nose guard position, according to Rodney Garner.

"If we had to play today, and that's a hypothetical situation because it could be different tomorrow. But if we were playing today, Bean would be at the nose, with DeAngelo and Dobbs at the ends in the base package." (Anthony Dasher @

If you'll remember, Bean had a bit of trouble in picking up the offense, so it made sense to move him to a position that he could take up more easily. I'm not sure if anyone else noticed this, but I often saw Bean talking to Boling for an extended amount of time after the play call. He took some time to qualify and one can only assume he just never could digest the playbook. I hope it's a spot where he can finally use all of his talent.

I was also surprised to hear CMR brimming with confidence about the Scott Lakatos manned secondary on Saturday. He said he's seen "quality depth at all positions" and that we have "quality starters" as well. He said "I just like what I'm seeing this year," which is somewhat of a relief to me. ( It's a relief because I will be rolling out a not-so-peachy look at our secondary a little later today.

The Dawgs also got a big commitment from Griffin DT Chris Mayes this weekend. This guy looks to have a TON of upside, seeing as he is a kid who first started playing football last year. He claimed offers from a number of schools including Miami, Okie State, and Ole Miss. VERY impressive offer list for someone who has only one season of football under their belt.

In basketball news, Mark and Cindy Fox held the 1st annual Basketball Suits and Sneakers Gala on Saturday at the Classic Center. He spoke a little about the team and, in particular, gushed about the progress of Jeremy Price. He was very candid about his work ethic and character as well as the shape he's in this year. I was very surprised to hear this about JP. After his freshman year, word around Athens was that he wasn't happy with Felton, which wasn't far from the imagination, and was going to transfer. I feel like Jeremy has the ability, he just hasn't had the attitude. I'm glad to hear he may have matured a bit.

Tennis phenom and reigning NCAA women's singles champion Chelsey Gullickson recieved an invitation to play in the US Open later this month in Flushing, NY. The 20-year old Gullickson will be the first Bulldog women's national champ to play in the US Open since Angela Lettiere did in 1994.

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