Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Night Bites: East Hall vs. West Hall

High School football in Georgia, and all over the country has exploded in the last 10 years. Now that recruiting has become a focal point of college football coverage, services like Scout, Rivals, and ESPN are making millions holding camps and evaluating college prospects nationwide.

In light of the fervor over high school football (and the behest of a certain football connoisseur), Dawgola and I have decided it would be a good idea to attend and feature a high school "Friday Night Bite" of the week. We'll have a recap of the game as well as some stats from the headlining performances around the state.

In order for a game to qualify as a "Friday Night Bite", there are a few criteria that the teams have to meet:
  1. The game must feature at least (2) elite, Division-1 prospects. They can be on the same team or opposing teams.
  2. The game is a matchup of two tradition-rich, powerhouse programs.
  3. The game is a long-standing, all-time great rivalry in the state.
This week is very special in North Georgia, as there are two games that fit these criteria. The first is a matchup of perennial powerhouses, Buford vs. Gainesville in City Park. Buford has easily been the most dominant team in the state in it's classification over the last ten years and Gainesville has a long traditon of excellence.

Despite this matchup of GHSA titans, we decided to travel to Oakwood to see the Vikings of East Hall take on the Spartans of West Hall. Of particular interest is Sterling Bailey and Chaz Cheeks, who play for the Vikings. Both are defensive ends, while Bailey is a UGA commit and Cheeks will be heading to the Nerds. This game also features talented dual-threat quarterback Shunquez Stephens and huge reciever William Stroup (6'6, 210) of West Hall.

Back with more in the A.M.

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