Friday, August 6, 2010

Coaches Find PCP Stash, Cast Ballots for Poll

The preseason poll ratings-mongering has to stop. The lunacy of coming up with something like this must come to an end at some point. It's hard to imagine that these (at the bottom) coaches have enough time to take a look at each team and give them a fair shake.

Todd Dodge spends all week thinking about what team in conference is going to throttle the Mean Green, not who the best team in CFB is. If I'm not mistaken, most of these coaches (Richt included), don't actually cast the ballots. I've heard quotes from Richt admitting Claude Felton, SID, does it because he doesn't have time to know anything other than who they are playing the next Saturday.

Let's take a look at the ridiculousness of this year's USA Today Coaches Preseason Poll: (Preseason rank in parenthesis)

Florida (3): Lost A LOT of key players on defense last year, they also have a new QB who apparently has parted the waters in Gainesville

Virginia Tech (6): Good running back, okay QB, and 5 returning starters on defense- non of which I know. I guess I'll hear "Beamer Ball" approximately 6,345,296 times this year, which won't be enough.

Nebraska (9): Below average QB, okay RB, and very, very easy schedule. Will probably be a top-10 team because of cupcakes, not because of talent.

Iowa (10): Ricky Stanzi- did you see the game at Indiana last year? Decent defense, overrated coach. Big-Ten sucks, will probably finish second.

LSU (16): Lots of talent, no coaching. Seem to be a very soft team with Roger Rabbit running the show.

Georgia Tech (17): No skill position players. Not a lot of talent. Still a gimmick offense.

Arkansas (19): They won't be able to outscore everyone. Defense makes Swiss cheese look like a HEPA filter.

There still isn't a perfect system, but this way of doing things makes no sense. There are far too many questions at this juncture to form a top-25. Are these guys really thinking about how they'll end up or is it about where they finished last year notwithstanding question marks today?

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