Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bowden Gives True Details of his Departure

This is from Mark Schlbach at The Big Four Letter. It's not surprising that this is the way it all went down. I figured as much. As far as the ultimatum from Wetherell, I don't see how you approach someone like Bowden with "Well we want to fire you but we're going to give you the chance to hang around, if you want," while knowing that Bowden would rather retire.

While I highly doubt he has actually had any "coaching" responsibilities in the last five years anyway, it's a slap in the face that you'd offer up something like that to him. Wetherell should have been a man and said, "Look we have to get some new blood in the system, we really appreciate your contribution to the program but ultimately we're running a business." I don't buy into all of the "history" Bobby or any other coach creates.

Another great example is Paterno. Penn State is in the perpetual cellar because he won't give in and PSU is too chicken to tell him they need to move on. If this were corporate America stockholders would be irate, but because JoePa has the "magical cloud" under his feet no one seems to care that he is way over his head.

Because of the revenue associated with college football now, it's a whole different enchilada. Revenue creates a better product which creates more revenue. The Bobby Bowden's and JoePa's of the world are a dying breed because of this. When a program stagnates like these two, they can't move in an upward direction and thus move down by virtue of other teams passing them.

Florida State, albeit in the wrong way, stepped up to the plate and made the call. Whether or not Jimbo Fisher is the answer is a matter of opinion, but they did move on. If Penn State is ever going to be relevant again they also have to find a way to cut the anchor.

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