Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Three Dimensions.

We wake up every day in it, bathe in it, eat in it, and sleep in it. Life would be pretty boring if we were in 2-D. I mean, if you consider that Justin Timberlake and Peyton Manning commercial, you actually couldn't even stand up. Suffice to say, there wouldn't be a huge demand for Jenny Craig.

If you really think about things, why should anything be in two dimensions? And that's where we are currently. Viewable media has gone from analog to digital to high definition to 3-D in a matter of five years. I'm not completely certain that its going to take that long for people to figure out that no matter how cool the concept may be, those glasses Jessie Palmer wears look terrible.

Networks and cable/satellite providers are joining in the 3-D fun by offering new exclusive content for subscribers with compatible sets. Just in case you want to rush out and buy one of the new models, the cheapest you'll find is around $1500 and most are around $3k.

I think most of us would more readily recognize the film industry's recent foray into 3-D. There seems to be a common belief in the industry that if you make a horrible film, just add a dimension and some ridiculous glasses and people will want to see it. Brandon Spikes wouldn't appreciate the "fake juice".

If its not enough that I watch far too much O'Reilly Factor and Jeopardy, now they want to make into 3-D so I can actually tell how thick the make-up is on Kimberly Guilfoyle. I'm really not interested in seeing what Brent Musberger and Joe Paterno look like in more than two dimensions. The movies that they're making now, think "Piranha 3D", are mostly abysmal. I do have GREAT things to say about some of the animated movies as well as "Avatar".

People like 3-D. It's a novel concept, well, if you don't count the 50's and 80's. The bottom-line is always money and that's why it has appeal right now. If Hollywood keeps making crappy films into 3-D suckfests, the tide will eventually turn for them. In the arena of TV, I'm not so sure the costs of production will be lower than the appeal of the actual viewing experience. Who really cares about watching Pawn Stars, American Pickers, or Holly Rowe in 3-D anyway?

Not me.

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