Tuesday, July 20, 2010

On the new AD- and some on the old...

I really liked Damon Evans. I think it's apparent that he had great things planned for the University of Georgia. Time will tell if his legacy (the Fox hire) will supercede what led to his resignation. It's unfortunate for his family and himself the way things worked out.

With that said, I don't believe that Michael Adams hired Damon to be the CEO of the University of Georgia's athletic department. DE was a puppet; the guy that Adams thought he could exert the most influence over and control the direction of the athletic department. I'm not a big fan of President Adams, but even for the objective observer, its hard to refute his past. If you disagree ask yourself one question- "Did Damon Evans have the level of control and freedom on UGA Athletics that Jeremy Foley has on Florida's?"

Easy answer.

I think this hire will be a little different, however. This is likely to be the last major hire that he will make. Its an issue of recency versus primacy. Despite my dislike of all things Adams, he has a chance at redemption here. A good chance to wipe away the controversies of his past and leave the University with his head up. We'll get the right guy. I'm not so sure it's going to be the odds on favorite, Greg McGarity, but it feels like it will be a big splash guy. In the end, we all look to leave a positive impression with whom we're involved.

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