Monday, July 26, 2010

Here are two of my favorite things combined: Kevin Bacon game and college football. Why did we use Mumme for the title? Well, his former assistants are pretty noteworthy: Mike Leach, Guy Morriss, Sonny Dykes, Chris Hatcher, and Tony Franklin to name a few.

The basic difference is that the coaches are the actors and the teams are the movies. Needless to say there is no Kevin Bacon website for this so I'm having to do all the research myself. And I must say it's pretty rewarding when you figure it out. Here are the basic rules:

  1. You can use former AND/OR current college coaches (doesn't have to be head coach).

  2. You can use the NFL for a link but the two coaches in question have to have coached in college at some point.

  3. Most importantly, you can only use 6 links or less. (hence, six degrees..)

So, with our first example, I decided to use two of the most famous coaches ever: Joe Paterno and Bobby Bowden....and it took me five moves:

1. Joe Paterno (HC) coaches currently at Penn State with Galen Hall (OC).
2. Galen Hall (RB) coached with the Dallas Cowboys alongside Dave Campo (HC) in 2002.
3. Dave Campo (DB) coached with Todd Grantham (DL) at the Cowboys in '08-'09.
4. Todd Grantham (DC) coaches currently at UGA with Mark Richt (HC).
5. Mark Richt (OC/QB) coached at Florida State with Bobby Bowden (1990-2000).

Undoubtedly there is a faster way to link Paterno and Bowden, but if I did that I wouldn't be able to use the pretty colors for the names (actually I just couldn't figure it out).

Question you might be asking: "Wait, Dave Campo was Head Coach and then six years later he was a position coach?" Answer: Yep, he was so bad he actually got knocked down two levels on the coaching hierarchy, skipping the coordinator position and going straight to DB coach. (After he got fired by Jerry Jones he went to the Browns and Jags before returning to the Cowboys.)

Another note: Galen Hall will turn 70 before the season starts which would without a doubt be the oldest combined ages of Head Coach and Offensive Coordinator in the history of football.

Next week, I'll try to do two examples so....if anyone has two coaches they want us to try to link, then just email (, send us a twitter message (hedges2hardwood), post a comment on facebook (link on left), or just post in comments below. Unfortunately, we don't accept telegrams.

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