Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hair of the Dawg

Hair of the Dawg is a weekly featurette which gives our readership the oppotunity to avoid the potentially life threatening "hangover-like" symptoms a Monday morning will invariably induce.

In a time where there has been very little news emanating from Athens, todays Hair will feature some perspective (which could also be contstrued as abject homerism) on notable storylines of the past few weeks.

For our obligatory comment on A.J., it's highly unlikely he was in South Beach. He said he was at home for the weekend, and Mike Moore seemed to agree per Twitter. It's funny that the media picked out our best player and at the same time least likely person to do something like this. Had it been just about anyone else on the team, I wouldn't be as confident in saying he didn't attend. The news doesn't sound as good for the Chickens Weslye Saunders, however. The OBC admitted that he attended the party but the question is, how could the kid afford a trip like that?

Speaking of the Gamecocks, Dawgola and I have a certain suspicion that we may not leave Columbia with a good feeling. Considering the game kicks at twelve in the seventh level of Hell, even if we win I'm going to feel awful. The one hope I have for this game lies in Scott Lakatos and his success against the Cocks in last years Bowl. The Huskies only allowed 205 total yards that game and the Cocks didn't even manage a first down until the midway point of the second quarter. If you don't remember have a look.

My biggest concern for the game is the quality of their secondary versus our lack of proven depth at reciever. They're going to lock up AJ with Stephon Gilmore and stack the box. I'm just not sure if Aaron will be proficient enough to beat them if that's the case.

Apparently there has been some news on the basketball scheduling front. Westerdawg has the update on the GSB here. Fox is making all the right moves with a schedule like this. In my opinion, you only get better by blunt force trama and there is a lot of that in this year's slate. I think the most interesting game of the year will be the against the Billikens in St. Louis. That team is led by two very talented juniors in Willie Reed and Kwamain Mitchell. The potential date of November 20 will give us something to judge the progress they've made in the offseason as well as help us to temper or raise our expectations.

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