Wednesday, July 28, 2010

1st Annual Gary Barnett VIP Draft

What is the 'Gary Barnett VIP Club' you ask? Only the most exclusive club in the land. It could also be called the "Coaches Who Should Have Been Fired by Now but for Some Reason Have Not Club". Where does the Draft part come in to play? Well, Martin Van Dawgin and I will each draft five coaches. The object? See whose head coaches will be a coordinator first! (or in Dave Campo's case, a position coach) Any type of firing or forced resignation will do. The first to have all his coaches gone wins! Instead of a cheeky, high-tech way of determining who should select first, we just played a friendly game of NHL '94 to determine who was to make history with the first selection in this inaugural draft.

And with the first selection in this year's draft...

1. Martin Van Dawgin selects Paul Wulff, Washington State Cougars.

2. Dawgola Tesla selects Ralph Friedgen, Maryland Terrapins with the second pick.

3. MVD is sticking with the felidae family and tabbing Mario Cristobol, of the Florida International Golden Panthers.

4. Dawgola Tesla selects Dan Hawkins, Colorado Buffaloes with the fourth

5. Dawgin is making like a 85 year old widow and surrounding himself with cats. With the fifth pick he selects Les Miles, Louisiana State University Tigers.

(Following a short commercial break....)

6. With the sixth pick, Dawgola Tesla selects Mike Sherman, Texas A&M Aggies.

7. It looks like MVD is going to pull a shocker and go with Neil Callaway, University of Alabama Birmingham Blazers.

8. It appears Dawgola Tesla is going with the safe pick at number eight and selecting Rich Rodriguez, Michigan Wolverines.

9. Van Dawgin selects Todd Dodge with his final pick, part-time gunslinger and coach of the North Texas Mean Green.

10. And with the final pick in the 2010 Gary Barnett VIP Draft, Dawgola Tesla selects Ron Zook, Illinois Fighting Illini.

Van Dawgin's Take:

I'll have to say, what a steal with that Callaway pick at seven. He's been in my cross hairs for at about ten years now. No way he'll see 2011 at UAB--and Todd Dodge, you know how big-deal high school coaches fare in D-1A. Pure gold. It seems like Dawgola has a very deliberate plan for his club. There are quite a few "big fish" in that group and it seems like he's really looking to make a splash. With a combined winning percentage of .448, those are some terrible coaching blunders. Friedgen is the only guy that has a winning record in the group and his mark last year was abysmal. I think this is some very "heady" picking by DT. Looks to be a great group of absolute losers.

Dawgola Tesla's Take:

I feel confident about my team. I was mostly conservative with my picks but I think I've got some serious "will get fired before the end of the season" contenders. Dawgin's team is interesting. Christobol could be a diamond in the rough for him. A real under-the-radar guy along with Todd Dodge. Wulff is just a monster first pick. Almost a sure thing for him. Callaway too. Overall though, I'm feeling confident that all my guys will be gone by this time next year.

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