Monday, September 29, 2014

Don't Panic, We're BACK, And Have Inside Info

Mark Richt's "Baby"

Not really, but in lieu of the recent tumult surrounding the offense at The University of Georgia, I have decided to come of retirement and comment on said issue.

Mark Richt has a baby. You didn't realize it, but he has a 13 year old baby that he treasures greatly. He has entrusted care of this baby to Mike Bobo, who has seen baby grow and mature over the last eight years.

The baby has reached a developmental challenge that can easily be remedied with some tough decisions. Mark and Mike won't publicly admit this challenge, but Mark can't let his baby suffer at the hands of Mike... and he won't. Just remember, Mark experienced this before in Mike's first year as offensive coordinator and gave him the little "bump" that he needed to get baby over the hump.

I'm confident that you'll see evidence of this bump on Saturday at 4:00. After all, no one wants to see their baby struggle mightily when the baby has the BEST RUNNING BACK IN COLLEGE FOOTBALL in the backfield.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Tales From the Tailgate UGA vs. USCe: REDUX

Anticipate a lot of the following on Saturday. Hopefully the afterglow will be set to a far less tragic Hall and Oates song.

Here's the return trip for the Cocks to Athens last year... I'm the King of Wishful Thinking right now, hope that doesn't change in a couple days.

Michael Bennett - OUT FOR THE YEAR

With a torn ACL per Radi at ESPN.

Damn, just damn.